History and Partners


HFHSPBC CLT, Inc. was born out of recognition that the community required an innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable solution to the lack of affordable housing opportunities.  Having served the South Palm Beach County area for over 20 years, the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate decided to adopt the community land trust model to promote community ownership and long term affordability.  Heartfelt Florida Housing of South Palm Beach County Community Land Trust (HFHSPBC CLT, Inc.) was founded in April 2010 as a 501 (c) 3 organization. 
The CLT preserves affordability by retaining ownership of the land where affordable houses are built or rehabilitated.  By separating ownership of the land from ownership of the home, first-time homebuyers are able to purchase the home at a reduced price and pay a monthly fee to lease the land on which their home sits.  Additionally, Heartfelt CLT homebuyers agree to resale restrictions that ensure the home is resold (with a regulated level of appreciation) to another income qualified individual or that it reverts back to the CLT.



The Heartfelt CLT was formed to preserve the quality, affordability, and economic diversity of housing for present and future residents of South Palm Beach County, Florida.  Since its founding, the Heartfelt CLT has worked in partnership with other affordable housing advocates to acquire land, develop affordable housing, and promote stewardship.  The Heartfelt CLT partners with local nonprofit organizations, city and county governments, businesses, and religious organizations to ensure that affordable housing permanently exists in the South Palm Beach County.  We encourage you to become an advocate for affordable housing by supporting Heartfelt CLT and our partners.