Meet Our Homeowners

“Due to high rent prices, I was forced to rent small room in another family’s home.  The conditions were challenging – we had no access to a kitchen so had to resort to either eating in restaurants or eating non-perishable foods in our room.  Needless to say, this caused more financial hardship.” But these challenges did not affect this young woman’s work ethic and she pursued her goals in the healthcare world. She and her daughter are now living in their own home.


Being responsible for supporting a family of four on a single-income put a financial strain on the family. Faced with moving year after year, the worry of where his family would live was a constant battle. Rising rental costs became his motivation for pursuing homeownership. After a 13 year journey he is finally at home. “Homeownership is going to bring stability to my family and allow us to enjoy life better.”


“My strongest motivator is my desire to provide my daughter with her own room and her own bed. I want more out of life than living paycheck to paycheck.”  This gracious woman says “Thank you so so much. I am so happy and overwhelmed with the help I have received on my journey. You all have helped me in accomplishing the only thing I’ve ever wanted, giving my daughter a home to grow up in”.


“Having two children without being married and putting them through school has been a financial struggle.” Working two jobs for the majority of his life has been the sacrifice the young father has had to make in order to give his children the best he could. Nevertheless, he had still fallen short of his greatest challenge of purchasing a house. He was considered under-qualified for a traditional mortgage, yet over-qualified for the low-income homes of Habitat. Finally, he had the opportunity. “This program makes it affordable for single-parents like myself to purchase a house.”  His love and commitment to his children and work has finally helped him reach the ultimate goal of providing his family with their own place to call home.